Hi, my name is Jordan and I am 12 yrs old. This is my testimony about how I became a christian. I have been a christian 7 yrs, accepting God into my life is the best decision i ever made. Becoming a christian changed me into a better person and I feel I have a purpose in life.


When I was 5 yrs old I ws at Heaven’s Gates, Hells Flames show, it opened my eyes to how real God is, at the end of the show, they asked if anyone wanted to give their life to God, and I did, so I said a prayer after them and asked God into my life.


I want to tell other people like you reading this, how real God can be in your life if you ask him in. Change for the better.


Leon's Testimony

Hi my name is Leon and I am 15 years old, I gave my life to God in the Outpouring meeting in Victory Church Cwmbran, I have been going back and forth Victory Church since May. I have been wanting more of God and not long after I started going to Victory Church I broke my foot, I would visit Victory every tuesday with Angela, Laura and Kate and each time the people at the front would say, if you need healing come out to the front and the team will pray for you.

Every time I went I had prayer, one time I went was the day before I had the plaster on my foot off so I went for prayer for healing and the day after I had my plaster off I fell and broke my foot again! Everyone in my Church prayed for me and the following day which was a Monday I went back to the hospital and my foot had been healed in the name of Jesus!!

I kept going to Victory Church and the last few times I have felt filled with the Holy Spirit, One time I was on the floor and I couldn't get up, and was like a baby laughing and ever since I cant get enough of the Holy Spirit. Now I pray and read all the time, one verse God put in my heart was Mark 3:10, "He (Jesus) had healed many people. So all the sick were pushing toward him to touch him".


Lisa's Testimony

Throughout my childhood I had good and bad experiences, I was abused as a

child. On many occasions I was planning to commit suicide in my teenage



The music I used to listen to was heavy metal, black metal and death metal,

which had a great influence and impact on my life. One of my friends used to

write to me, she was a Christian, she used to tell me all about Jesus but I just

ignored her. Before I became a Christian I was anti-God and anti-Christian,

because of my beliefs that I had from the dark world of the occult.


When I was 17 my father introduced me to some Christians but they would tell me a list of things that I could and Couldn't do, so I rebelled. I used to read a lot of occult books, I had a lot of pen friends with the same beliefs we used to swap and steal books from the occult. We used to pray against the church and mock Christians and Jesus.


When I accepted Jesus into my life it was very hard especially because of the beliefs i already had. But I now thank Jesus for setting me free from the occult world, it is the best experience I have ever had.

I used to worship the devil, he was my god and life at that time, until I trusted Jesus, the devil is out to destroy, to steal and kill.


Jesus has helped me change my taste of music and I can worship Jesus freely. The Lord has helped me to forgive those that have hurt me and I feel better in myself for it. I still get my ups and downs but Jesus is always there, I want to encourage you reading this as well, that Jesus has worked in my life and has changed my life around, He can do it for you too.

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